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Top 3 External Hard Drive Data Recovery per Mac Software 2019

/ Posted by Rlslee to Recupero dati da disco rigido esterno

The external hard disk is a very important device for storing files. It can be used to store a large amount of data, which brings great convenience to our lives. Both individuals and businesses will have critical data stored on the external hard drive. However, we may loss data due to accidental deletion, hard drive formatting and other reasons. How to recover data from an external hard drive on a Mac computer? This article can help you retrieve lost files from external hard drive on Mac.

Before the external hard drive data is restored, we should know following basic data recovery knowledge:

1. When the data is deleted on external hard drive, please stop using the external hard disk immediately, do not write other new data to the hard disk, and do not delete the data on the external hard disk, as long as the data is not overwritten, it is possible to be restored.

We tested some software that claimed to be able to recover external hard drive data on a Mac and listed the following three top-of-the-line Mac external hard drive data recovery software:

1. Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery Pro

Download gratuito Per macOS 10.6 e versioni successive

Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery Pro is able to retrieve all data types, such as video, audio, pictures, office files, compressed files, etc. in case of various data loss situations. If you only need to recover data below 2GB, we recommend that you use its free version - Mac Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery. The free version won't let you pay any data recovery costs and easily free to restore important data.

2. IUWEshare Mac External Drive Data Recovery Wizard

It is the most trusted external hard drive data recovery software for Mac users. It is compatible with the latest Mac systems, including macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). The interface of the program is simple and easy to operate. It has a high external hard data recovery success rate on Mac. We high recommend it.

3. Shining Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Unlike other software, this Mac external hard drive data recovery software uses the latest data recovery algorithms to successfully recover files from many common data loss scenarios. It is simple to operate and easy to use, anyone can use this DIY software to retrieve their lost data.