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2 modi - Come recuperare i dati dal disco rigido Western Digital Mac

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I have an external hard drive which got unplugged during data transfer and now I can't access the data due to a circular error. The external drive is a Western Digital hard drive and there is 2TB of info that I want to recover. I don't have the knowledge to resolve the circular error. Could you suggest some software that will allow me to scan and recover the files for free on my MacBook Pro? Please help.

My Western Digital 1TB external hard drive does not appear in the computer browser. I disconnected it from the computer and then reconnected and still didn't respond. It's a backup disk, I use it to save most of the important personal information, but now it's corrupted. Is there any way to get internal files from the disk when the disk is not working on Mac?

Western Digital external hard drive data loss can occur for a variety of reasons, including known and unknown reasons. Possible reasons for losing data from an external hard drive:

Logical Corruption: Data loss in Western Digital external hard drives may be caused by corruption, drive formatting, and accidental deletion of files. File system failure can also lead to data loss - file system to RAW, partition structure is damaged or lost, system crashes, etc.

Electronic or other damage: Western Digital external hard drives may be damaged if the power supply is not connected by surge protection or a grounded electrical outlet. The presence of bad sectors on Western Digital external hard drives can also cause data to be inaccessible. In addition, files from external drives may be lost due to virus attacks, drives that are not recognized by the computer, and other unknown reasons.

Regardless of the situation, once you become aware of data loss, safely disconnect the Western Digital external hard drive to avoid further damage or to avoid overwriting data. Then look for a data recovery solution.

Here are 2 top Western Digital data recovery for Mac solutions.

1. Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drive with Software on Mac

Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery Pro retrieves files that are inaccessible, corrupt, unrecognizable, formatted, etc. from Western Digital external hard drive. It can recover files from lost partitions of SSD, SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives. It also supports recovery of data from file systems such as FAT, ExFAT and NTFS. Even if your Western Digital external hard drive file system becomes RAW, restoring RAW partitions with Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery Pro software is quick and easy.

How to Recover Data and Files from Western Digital External Hard Drive on Mac?

Please download and install the Mac Western Digital External Hard Drive software application on your Mac computer and then follow 3 steps below:

Download gratuito Per macOS 10.6 e versioni successive

Step 1: Connect WD External Hard Drive to Mac

Connect your external hard drive to the Mac computer and launch the software, choose the drive that you want to recover and click on the "Start" button to scan the files.

Step 2: Preview and Recover Data

After the scan, you can preview all the recoverable files from the Western Digital (WD) external hard drive. Click the "Recover" button to get back the lost files. However, make sure that you don't save the recovered files into the WD hard drive from which you lost the files.