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Top 5 Ways to Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Working Error

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The computer or UBS flash drives cannot fully meet the needs of certain storage in the daily work, so the external hard disk is also a very important device to backup important data. Toshiba External Hard Drive is widely used by many people. If errors happen on Toshiba external hard drive, all important information will be lost.

Toshiba External Hard Drive Common Not Working Error Situations:

1. Toshiba External Hard Drive cannot be recognized by the computer, cannot read the files and information in the hard disk;

2. The content of the Toshiba External Hard Drive is hidden or lost, cannot be read or retrieved;

3. Toshiba External Hard Drive reading is very slow, even if there are only a few pictures and files, it has to be loaded for a long time.

This article takes a look at how to fix Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Working Error in 5 effective ways.

Method 1: How to Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Recognized

The computer can't recognize the Toshiba mobile hard disk. The first thing you need to do at this time is to change a data cable to see if it is a data cable. If not, you need to change the computer interface to check if it is a computer interface. If you can't solve it, you need to use another computer to check if the mobile hard disk can be detected. If it can't, the hard disk is damaged.

Method 2: How to Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Error

Click Start and type: devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager by pressing Enter. Expand the Universal Serial Universal Serial Bus Controller, right click on each USB device found there, and select Uninstall. Then check if any devices appear to be unrecognizable:

1. If the Toshiba external drive appears to be unrecognized, go to the Driver tab and remove/uninstall the driver. Then check if the external hard drive is displayed in "My Computer/".

2. If it does not appear, please restart your computer.

3. If it appears but disappears later, repeat the above steps and go to Disk Management, change the drive letter of the Toshiba external hard drive, then reconnect it to the PC and let the PC detect it again.

Method 3: How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged Toshiba External Hard Drive

You can take the Toshiba External Hard Drive to a digital hard drive repair shop nearby for professional hard drive repair service.

Method 4: How to Repair Inaccessible Toshiba External Hard Drive

First, you need to download a HDD Regenerator Shell to fix Toshiba. If the repair fails during the repair process, you need to download the FBDISK software, which can help you automatically repartition the mobile hard disk and hide the damaged track. Partitioning, so you can temporarily see the information you are eager to use, use it, and copy it back to other devices to prevent future troubles.

During the partitioning process, you need to run FBDISK through DOS. When the screen pops up "Start scan hard disk?" please select Y, it will start scanning immediately, and mark the damaged track. When the screen pops up Write to disk? Select Y and then the damaged track is hidden by effective isolation, which is effective way.

Method 5: How to Recover Data from Toshiba external hard drive after fixing not detected/working error on Mac Computer

If the data is not found or inaccessible, you can use the Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery Pro software to get all files from the Toshiba external hard drive. First of all, please download and install this software on Mac, connect Toshiba external hard drive with your Mac computer.

Free Download For macOS 10.6 and above

Step 1: Run Mac Toshiba External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Select the Toshiba External Hard Drive to scan.

Step 2: Recover Data

After the scan, check the scan results for the desired files. You can preview the file by double-clicking on it. Click Recover and choose another location to save the recovered data.