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Mac MMC Card Data Recovery: Recover Files from MMC Card on Mac

MMC Card Overview

MMC (MultiMediaCard) is a flash card standard. Typically, MMC is used as a storage medium for portable devices, the form of which can be easily removed for PC access. MMC card is commonly used in mobile phones, digital cameras (Canon, Epson, Casio, HP, Nikon, and Sony), media players, digital audio players, global positioning systems (GPS), camcorders, physical e-book readers, and PDAs, etc. The size of MMC card are MMC, MMC Plus, SecureMMC -24 mm x 32 mm x 1.4 mm, RS-MMC - 24 mm x 18 mm x 1.4 mm, MMCmicro 14 mm × 12 mm × 1.1 mm. MMC Card is usually used to save photos, music, videos, Emails, archives or other document files.

MMC Card Data Loss Reasons

Accidentally deleting photos, videos or other files from the MMC Card;

Using digital camera on low battery to capture pictures or take videos;

Sudden power outage or frequent power surges;

Ejecting the MMC card inappropriately from your digital camera or computer during data reading/file transferring process;

The infections of malware or viruses on the MMC card can cause data loss.

Mac MMC Card File Recovery - Recover Deleted, Formatted or Lost Files from MMC Card

Mac SD Memory Card Data Recovery Pro is the reliable and powerful MMC Card Recovery software. It can quickly recover deleted/lost files from MMC card after deletion or emptying the Trash and restore photos, videos and other files from MMC card after you format or erase the MMC card. It offers completely recovery mode to ensure find all existing files and lost data on MMC card.

How to Recover Deleted, Formatted or Lost Photos, Videos and other Files from MMC Card on Mac

Download and install the Mac MMC Card Data Recovery software on your Mac computer. Connect your MMC card to Mac and run Mac MMC Card Recovery tool.

Free Download For macOS 10.6 and above

Step 1 Select Data Recovery Mode

Select a data recovery mode and click "Start".

Step 2 Select MMC Card

Select the card and click Scanning button.

Step 3 Preview and Recover Data

Preview the found files, then select the files and click "Recovering" button.

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