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External Hard Drive Data Recovery on Mac: 4 Ways to Recover Data

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Top 4 Ways: Recover Deleted/Formatted Data from External Hard Drive on Mac

Most Mac users have an external hard drive and they can use it to expand the storage space of their Mac computer (iMac, MacBook Air, Macmini, Mac Book Pro, Mac pro, Mac Server). Many external hard drive brands are available such as WD (WESTERN DIGITAL), Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, SanDisk, Kingston Technology, Sony Computer Entertainment, Transcend, Samsung, ADATA, HP, HGST, Apple, Mushkin, Quantum Corporation and Buffalo Technology. You may suffer data loss for a variety of reasons. For example, accidental deletion, disk formatting, incorrect disconnects, and virus attacks. Fortunately, there are four ways to recover deleted, formatted and lost files from an external hard drive, USB flash drive or SD memory card on your Mac.

1 Restore Deleted Files from Trash on Mac

We may accidentally delete certain files from the external hard drive on a Mac. These files were not permanently deleted until you empty the trash. Most of us don't empty the trash on a regular basis, so it's possible to restore deleted files from an external hard drive on Mac. Please check the trash can, use "Put Back" command or "Copy Items" to restore your files to the original location or the Mac desktop.

2 Retrieve Deleted or Formatted Files from Backup/Cloud

Most Mac users are used to creating backup copies of external hard drives in case of data loss. They may also back up important external hard drive files to the cloud or backup devices through Time Machine. When data is deleted from an external hard drive, they can restore files from a backup copy, a Time Machine backup, or the cloud.

3 Recover Deleted/Formatted Files with External Hard Drive Data Recovery for Mac Software

Mac Any Data Recovery Pro is the best Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery tool which can restore files from APFS, HFS, HFS+, HFS Wrapper, FAT, ex-FAT and NTFS based external hard drives. It can recover external hard drive data on Mac due to permanently deletion, logical errors, device formatting, etc.

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4. Fix External Hard Drive Physical Error with Data Recovery Service

If your external hard drive is physically damaged, burned, too many bad sectors, crashed, heavy clicking/beeping sound or the external drive is not responding with Mac external hard drive data recovery software. Then it is recommended that you contact the Data Recovery Services team to retrieve files from a damaged external hard drive. In most cases, the external data recovery service can effectively repair the external hard drive.