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3 Ways - How to Recover Deleted File from Trash (Emptied) on Mac

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"Hello everyone, I deleted some files on my Mac that I copied from my external hard drive. I don't think I need it, I want to free up more storage. But after a few days, the external hard drive was accidentally damaged. Now I want to restore the files I just deleted from my Mac. My Mac has been set to exclude this folder from Time Machine, so there are no copies there. Since deleting these files, the only thing my Mac has done is Time Machine Backup. Is there software that can scan and restore deleted files? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated."

"When I edited the business files on my Mac, I accidentally deleted them and emptied the trash. Is there a way to recover deleted files on Mac?"

"Hi, I want to know how to retrieve excel files in the MacBook Pro trash? I accidentally deleted an important file, is this possible? Thank you!"

Do not worry. Recovering files from Trash on Mac seems to be possible. Even if you have emptied the trash, you are still very likely to recover deleted files from the trash on your Mac. The deleted file is still stored on your Mac and you cannot access it from the system. If you delete a file from the Trash and empty the Trash, you can use Mac Any Data Recovery Pro software to recover deleted files from the empty Trash on your Mac.

Method 1: Find lost or deleted files from Trash

The first thing to look at is the trash can. Click the trash can icon on your desktop to display its contents. If you see the file here, just click on the file name and select the "Put back" option. The file will be returned to its original location and removed from the Trash.

Method 2: Restore Files from Time Machine Backup

The Time Machine app is Apple's Mac backup solution. Once you've determined that you actually deleted the file and it is no longer in the Trash, you can recover it from the Time Machine backup.

Method 3: Recover files from the Trash after emptying

All files deleted from the Mac trash can still be in the Capsule on the Mac, but have been marked as deleted and invisible. The space they once occupied is marked as space available for new data. After generating new data, the deleted files will be overwritten and disappear permanently. In this case, to recover deleted files from the trash can on your Mac you must immediately stop using your Mac and prepare for data recovery.

If you need to recover lost data from a computer that has not been backed up or in an empty trash, you will need dedicated data recovery software. Mac Any Data Recovery Pro is an excellent data recovery application with powerful file recovery technology that allows you to scan your trash in depth and let you preview and restore files in the trash on your Mac. Before you do anything, you can download a free trial to scan and recover deleted files from your Mac trash to see if they still exist.

How to Recover Deleted File from Trash on Mac after emptying

Free download and install Mac Any Data Recovery Pro on your Mac. Then, follow the next steps to recover files from emptied trash on Mac easily and safely.

Free Download For macOS 10.6 and above

Step 1: Select File Type(s) to Scan

Choose file types you need to recovery and click "Starting".

Step 2: Select the Deleted files Location

To recover files from delete trash on Mac, you need to select a hard drive location where your deleted files were. Click "Scanning".

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted files

After the scan finished, you can preview the file to confirm the files. Select your deleted files and click "Recover" button to recover files from trash on Mac.