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How to Recover Data from Deleted/Lost Partition on Mac for Free

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I accidentally deleted my Macintosh HD while trying to reformat the drive. Since the disk could not be repaired, I had to reformat and then restore it. However, erasing the contents of the disk will cause the operating system to be deleted. I can't access the normal 4 recovery options to reinstall the operating system or recover from a backup. How do I restore a Mac partition?

I was on Windows 10 using an application to resize my Mac partition when I realized that I had deleted the 800mb recovery partition by mistake. Now when I try to start my Mac and keep the options, it only shows my Windows partition. I went into Internet Recovery and looked at the "Disk Utility", which shows my Mac partition completely. The only problem is that I can't start it. Can someone tell me how to solve this problem? I don't want to reinstall macOS, nor do I have time machine backups.

Did you accidentally deleted, formatted or lost partition on Mac computer? Deleted/erased a Mac partition by mistake? Accidently deleted Mac partition boot camp? Partitioned hard disk by mistake on Mac? Mac partition was disappeared or missing? This can happen at any time, and fortunately these files are stored on these partitions. You can restore lost files with Mac partition recovery software. It allows you to recover a partition on your computer that has been corrupted by your system.

Common Lost Partition Situations on Mac

Accidentally delete or format Mac Disk Partition;

A software update failure or interruption may erase the entire Mac hard drive;

Partitions may be corrupted when redistributing or reformatting the primary hard drive;

The wrong command usage that is confused with the partition;

Unauthorized access to erase the hard drive;

Third-party Mac disk cleaning program;

Mac Partition Recovery Free Solution - Free Mac Partition Recovery Software

Whether you accidentally delete a partition, format a partition, or lose a partition on Mac, you can use Free Mac Partition Recovery to recover any lost data. Mac Free Any Data is Mac Partition Recovery freeware. It supports recovering files from hard drive crashes, system shutdowns, virus and malware attacks, power surges, software corruption, file system corruption and more. Mac Partition Recovery is capable of recovering multiple types of file such as photos, videos, audio files, documents and many other file formats.

How to Recover Data from Deleted/Lost Partition on Mac for Free

Please download and install this Free Mac Partition Recovery software on your Mac computer and run it.

Download on For macOS 10.6 and above
Download on For macOS 10.6 and above

3 Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Mac Partition

Step 1 Choose File Types

Choose a data recovery mode and select file types to recover and click "Starting" button.

Step 2 Select the Partition

Select the partition where you lost your files. Click "Scanning" button to scan the partition.

Step 3 Preview and Recover Partition Files

Once the scan completes, you can preview the recoverable files and restore lost files by clicking "Recovering" button.

Free Mac Partition Recovery Tips

Please do not save the file on the deleted partition, this will help prevent any data from being overwritten. Don't turn off your Mac incorrectly especially when performing hard disk formatting or creating new partitions. Once you realize that files or partitions are deleted, lost or inaccessible, please stop using the hard drive immediately. And don't use any third party or automation software to clean your hard drive on Mac.